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ANTS - Pest Control

Ants Once you see ants inside your property you should call the professionals. We often hear that the ant problem has been around for years and by this time it’s most likely you will have nests in walls and roof voids.

Not all species will nest in roof spaces and wall cavities, when this is the case treatment can take longer. Treating all points of the house is near impossible and the ants have to come in contact with the chemical or bait to eliminate the problem.

Ants live in colonies and there are hundreds of native species in Australia. There can be tens of thousands of ants in a single colony and there can be several colonies living within your backyard.

To avoid attracting ants to your home ensure that your kitchen is kept clean and all food is stored in air tight containers. When feeding pets discard any un eaten food as leaving bowls of food around will attract ants.

Repair all water leaks and dripping taps as this will attract ants into your home. Cut back heavy foliage, tree branches and vines away from the house as the ants will use these areas to bridge the barriers. It’s never a good idea to run a vine over your house as ants love to climb vines.

Don’t build garden beds against the house as they will require watering and normally will lift the ground level against your house covering slab edges and weep holes giving the ant’s a concealed entrance into your property.

Fruit trees should be planted well away from the house as excess fruit will drop and rot, not to mention the bird dropping from the birds eating the fruit will attracting the ants to the house.