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Bird Proofing & Gutter Guarding

To arrange a bird proofing quote - Call us immediately on 02 4647 7378

Bird Proofing can be achieved in many ways and not all situations are going to require the same treatment. One of the most common entry points for birds is between the gaps where the roof tiles meet the gutter. By installing the right gutter guard you can achieve a bird free roof.

Bird Protection
Bird Protection
Bird Protection

Solar Panel Protection

A common place for bird problems is in the latest trend in green energy, it has been found that solar panels have been installed with no pest prevention in place.

Bird Protection
This photo shows birds nesting under the solar panels. The panels were installed with a gap between the roof tiles and the panels. Birds are always looking for protection and find spots like this a great place for setting up a nest.
In this photo you can see the birds nesting site. This can only be seen once you remove the solar panels. This is why the customer had bird lice throughout the house.
Bird Protection
Cleaning of the roof and the solar panel system is carried out using high pressure hoses, as you can see by this photo the panels are now ready to be replaced.

A bird control mesh was installed to prevent the problem from happening again. Six other companies looked at this job and didn’t even submit a quotation to carry out the work. The customer now has piece of mind knowing that the birds and their droppings won’t be affecting the efficiency of their solar panel system. Oh, and their bird lice problem is a thing of the past. Protect your investment and ensure your solar panels remain efficient. Prevent Problems today contact Around The Clock Pest Control.

Bird Protection mesh
Bird Protection mesh
These are just a few bird proofing examples solved by Around The Clock Pest Control. We bird proof Domestic and Commercial sites. Bird control spikes are also used as per the requirements of the customer. No job is too small or too large. Find out more about our termite control solutions.