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Termites - Pest Control

If you've found termites DO NOT DISTURB THEM - Call us immediately on 02 4647 7378

Don’t touch a thing, leave it to the professionals. Disturbing termites can make treating them more difficult to achieve and in some cases more expensive.   
Termites are a timber pest and can cause major damage to any structures that doesn't have the right protection or preventatives in place (Termite Treatments). Termites are small in size, unlike ants they don't have the three different body segments and often look like the colour of the timber they are feeding on.

A Colony consists of the following and every species has a different appearance! 

The Queen Termite, her job is to run the colony and is the only termite in her colony that reproduces.

The King Termite, his job is just to fertilize the queen and serve her needs.

Soldier Termites, the soldier termites normally have a slightly bigger head and have a form of defence to protect the colony if the colony is under attack. Their second job is to order the worker termites to carrier out their duties.   

Worker Termites, their main roll in the colony is to feed the colony and care for the constant new babies delivered by the queen.   

Alates (Reproductive) this is the future kings and queens that are forced out of the nest, they have wings but don't fly well and are often seen flying on the first few hot days coming into summer. 

Below are pictures of a few types of termites.



Termites are described as antennae bead like and straight through unlike ants where the antennae is elbow shaped. Termites have no eyes and the body construction between the Thorax and the Abdomen is continuous.  In common terms that the body flows all the way through with no segments.

How Pest Controllers Identify Termites is the shape of their heads, below are the heads of the most common types of termite you will find in Sydney.


Coptotermes   Nasutitermes   Schedorhinotermes Major   Schedorhinotermes Minor  
Heterotermes Microcertermes Porotermes Neotermes


Termite Workings

These are a few photos showing you mud leads running into houses. This is the highway between the timbers in your houses and the nest in the ground giving a concealed entrance. The thicker the mud lead and the more leads you have, the longer they have been in the property.



Note that you won’t always see these mud leads as concealed entrance is often obtained and very difficult to be found.

If you've found termites DO NOT DISTURB THEM - Call us immediately on 02 4647 7378

To reduce your risk of a termite infestation,You can check following common problems